December 10, 2019 Stephanie Vaughan

TEEN STYLING: How to Style with Confidence

What are some of the main influences for a Teen that guide their clothing choices?

  • Celebrity Fashion
  • Peer Styles
  • Family and Upbringing
  • Personal Expression

With all of this input, how does anyone, let alone our young adults ‘make good choices’ that express their style whilst ensuring confidence in their look?

Whether you like it or not, what you wear communicates to those around you, so it’s nice to find out how to convey the right message in the right situation.

Your clothes tell your story. For example: If you want to show that you are efficient and respectful in a job interview, you dress in clean lines and offer a neat appearance. The way you choose your shoes and accessories speaks volumes about you and what you offer to an employer. And most important of all, you can create any look without losing your style.

Personal Styling is so much more than making clothing choices.  Fashion can open our mind and change beauty standards in society. Fashion is constantly evolving.

Walking out the door and facing the world in an outfit that enhances your shape, colouring and shows off your unique personality is empowering.  It builds Self-Esteem, confidence and allows you to grow as a person because you feel comfortable and happy in your ‘skin’.

I have been privileged to work with many teenagers over the years and am very passionate about working with and enhancing a person’s style so that they can move forward with confidence. 

As a mother of two teenage girls I have been through the ups and downs and experienced first-hand the difficulties and challenges our teens face with expressing their style, but still ‘fitting-in’.

Being able to bring together workshops for adolescents in schools and colleges has given me a wonderful grasp on a range of issues our teens are struggling with in their styling today.


Before we meet I gather information about you through a personal profile that you complete.  You will forward this to me in strict confidence along with a couple of current photos of yourself. 

This allows me to see your style, colouring and body shape, to get a feel for the unique you, and to start on our journey together.

From there I will go out and pre-shop for our shopping day.  I will go to suitable stores and select and put aside pieces I feel will assist in creating your preferred look.  

My aim is to create you a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Choices that can work together and with items in your current wardrobe. 

We will create a lot of different looks that show off ‘you’.

We’re not going to change you and the style you love.

We will create your preferred look, your unique style with clothing that suits your body shape, your colouring and we will make sure the clothes fit perfectly. 

spot-light your sense of self.  This is where you ‘do you’!

On Shopping Day we meet at a café, introduce ourselves and I will run through what we’ve got on for the day.  

The next 2 – 3 hours we will shop the stores I have visited previously and try on the selected items of clothing, clothing specially chosen for you.

Throughout this experience each outfit will be explained to you. Why it is chosen, the colour choices, fit and style so that you can be confident in making great choices in the future.  We will also take photos of each outfit so that you can remember how items are co-ordinated.

This day is all about educating you on fashion fundamentals!  We want to make sure you learn to be creative with your styling and have the ability to work your new clothing in with your existing, to be able to make good clothing choices that will enhance your look.


So you’ve got home, you’re feeling confident in your sense of style, very excited, but also a little overwhelmed. What do you do?  Contact Me!

We can go through tips I gave you, assist in outfits you’ve put together with your current wardrobe and  give you the confidence that you’re on the right track.

I have many clients that have regular sessions with me at the beginning of different seasons to assist them in bringing together the latest trends with their needs and style. So you will never be alone.

Book in your Teen Styling Session today and move forward in confidence.

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