November 9, 2017 Stephanie Vaughan

Go wild: How To Wear Animal Print

There’s no denying that animal print is one of this seasons’ hottest trends! Needless to say, no fashionable wardrobe would be complete without a hint of leopard, tiger, zebra or snake print this season.

In saying this, you need to be mindful that in terms of colour and pattern, as some of the leopard prints have quite a strong yellow base, these probably won’t be ideal if you have a pale complexion. If this is the case, you would be best to opt for a snake or a leopard print which is paler and has cooler or lighter colour tones.

Depending on how confident you feel with this print, go bold and all-out in head to toe print, or if you prefer, a simple animal-themed accent will keep your look on point (think a scarf, belt, boots or handbag).

For the adventurous, try clashing florals, stripes, polka dots and acid brights to give a new dimension to your animal print, exploring one of this season’s most adventurous trends. Think romantic florals with flirty leopard, or teaming polka dots with leopard, or zebra with colour pop brights.

No longer a drawcard for maximalists only, the animal print trend is most definitely one for even the most conservative to wear. To pull off the animal print trend well, steer clear of heavy fabrics like wool or cheap polyesters and opt for silks or light cottons, both of which will ensure the patterns look current. Also try styling your animal prints together, such as a leopard print top with snakeskin boots.

Have some fun with it and find a style which is right for you

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